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A good balanced diet is the key to successful breeding of parrots.


At SBB Aviaries we feed a mixture of soaked sprouted seed with fruits and vegetables. Our Soaked seed mixture is a mix of seven seeds that has proven successful. We generally feed more vegetables than fruit.


Our off season diet consists of a good quality seed mixture that is limited in the oil seeds such as sunflower and safflower. This is supplemented with fruits and vegetables and the soaked sprouted seed mixture every second day. The quantity of food supplied in the off season is strictly controlled to prevent obesity.


We feed our soaked sprouted seed mixture with fruit and vegetables during the breeding season and in the lead up to the breeding season. Once chicks have hatched the amount of the mixture is increased and the content of vegetables increased.


Our parrots also always have access to a quality shell grit mixture and cuttlefish bone.