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Our Aviaries are generally the suspended style of aviaries with some conventional style aviaries for off season housing and housing of juvenile parrots.


The suspended style of aviary is easier to clean and aids in minimal disturbance of parrots during the breeding season.  


The size of aviaries vary according to the species housed but generally for the smaller parrots we keep our aviaries measure a minimum of 3 metres in length and 1.2 metres high by 0.8 metres wide.



Larger species are kept in larger aviaries up to 5.2 metres in length by 2.4 metres high by 1.2 metres wide. Aviaries of these dimensions are also used to house mature and juvenile Indian ringnecks in the off season to allow the birds to socialise.


We attempt to provide eucalypt branches to our parrots as often as possible to stimulate them and vary the aviary conditions. We have an abundant supply of branches from our acreage block.   


We use and recommend the edstrom® watering system. This system provides a small drinking nozzle that the parrots easily manipulate to obtain water. Water is stored in a small reservoir in each bank of aviaries and is gravity fed to the system. It is easy to keep clean drinking water available at all times and there are no water bowls to clean. If you require more information on this system please contact us and we can provide you with contact details of a stockist.