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All birds are DNA blood sexed and closed rung unless noted otherwise.

Please note that not all birds listed have a picture. Please use our contact us page for specific bird picture requests if you cant see a picture on this page.

Air freight is available on all birds listed. Freight costs start at $75 for under 2kg (1 small box and a ringneck sized bird or under).

This service is Australia Wide only. We have do not have the capability to export birds outside of Australia.


Princess Parrot Mutations


None available currently




Malabar Parrots


All sold

2014 blue princess.jpg

Thanks for looking.

Updated - 22-01-19

Any enquiries please use the contact us page.


2016 Indian Ringneck Mutations


Cobalt cleartail females $250ea Proven birds

Mature Indian Ringneck Mutations


Violet green cleartail female $200

Emerald grey split cleartail male x Blue cleartail female breeding pr $200

Violet green cleartail split blue male x Blue cleartail female breeding pr $300



2016 ct images

2017 Indian Ringneck Mutations


Turquoise grey cleartail female $120


Cobalt split cleartail (possibly split opaline) males $150 ea


Blue Split Cleartail Female $40




Blue Throat Conures


Parent raised 2017 birds - DNA sexed Male - $350



quakers Blue throats conures


Quaker  Parrots


Green $100

Blue $100

quakers Blue throats conures

2018 Indian Ringneck Mutations


Cobalt split cleartail split opaline Male $1000


Cobalt green split blue split cleartail split opaline male $1000


Cobalt split cleartail (possibly split opaline) males $100 ea


Cobalt split cleartail male $100


Blue Cleartails $60 ea


Emerald cobalt cleartails $700 ea


Cobalt cleartail males and females $150ea


Pastel cobalt cleartail male $250


Pastel cobalt violet cleartail male $250


Emerald split cleartail possibly split opaline male $200